Managing Directors Dieter Kleinschmidt und Sadik Sadiku „ELMOTEC STATOMAT is the global technology leader in electric motor manufacturing equipment.

Strategic alliance with selected customers enables significant collaborations in terms of market penetration and product development.

We give our customers a competitive advantage through partnership and technological cooperation, especially in the development phase of their new products.

Quality is the top priority of our customer relationships. We strive continuously for improvement. We work diligently to maintain and improve our existing high standards.

Our employees are the foundation of our competitive advantage. Their craftsmanship and engineering technical knowledge is continuously being developed and expanded. Teamwork is the essence of our philosophy.

The challenges of the globalized market were countered early on by a global presence. Since the 1970s ELMOTEC STATOMAT has been developing regional markets in Asia, North and South America through its own subsidiaries. Those associations bring cost advantages benefiting our customers. In addition, customers are supported by worldwide sales and service partnerships."