Product innovation 


Elmotec Statomat has been focusing on the following process technologies:

  • Round Wire
  • Flatwire
  • Hairpin


Round Wire

The Round Wire is one of our Bestselling Technologies for E-Mobility.We have great experiences with round wire hence we have been producing a lot of stator manufacturing lines for the automotive sector. Round Wire Technology enables the production of stators for the E-power train of electric and hybrid cars. Elmotec Statomat has developed a patent for winding with 20-times paralell wires.



The flatwire wavewinding technology is one of the most important innovations for the future of the E-car. Flatwire describes the production methods of stators with square wire for the electric powertrain of cars. Elmotec Statomat has developed a patent for this technology and has already produced prototypes for the automobile industry.The advantages of this winding technology are low weight, high fill factors and higher efficiency.


The concept for hairpin is the production method of stators for hybrid motors. Hairpin is a winding technology with single segments that look like hairpins and are put in the slot individually. The advantages are higher copper fill factors and higher efficiency. Low weight and less material consumption are also a positive effect of this technology.