30. November 2018

Elmotec Statomat becomes part of the Schaeffler Group

Karben,  28.November 2018



This week the global automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler signed an agreement for the acquisition of Elmotec Statomat Holding GmbH (henceforth "Elmotec Statomat GmbH").

Mr. Sadik Sadiku and Mr. Dieter Kleinschmidt will remain part of the management team.


Elmotec Statomat is the market leader in the production of stator manufacturing machines and world's largest supplier of machines for the production of stators for electric motors, alternators and generators.


In order to meet the requirements of suppliers and OEMs in the field of E-Mobility, Elmotec Statomat wanted a solid partnership with a system supplier like the Schaeffler Group.

With this acquisition, Schaeffler is expanding it`s expertise in the field of electric motor manufacturing and continues to push it`s E-Mobility strategy forward.


 “Electric mobility is one of our central fields of future development. By acquiring Elmotec Statomat, we are taking a further important step to expand our manufacturing expertise in this field and consistently implement our electric mobility strategy”, said Klaus Rosenfeld, CEO of Schaeffler AG. “This acquisition will enable us to seamlessly and completely accommodate the industrialization of electric motor construction within our company and close the last remaining technology gap in the production of rotors and stators.”


“With the Schaeffler Group – an innovative family company with extensive manufacturing expertise – we have found the perfect partner for further developing our technologies. Schaeffler has comprehensive expertise and capacities in tool manufacture and special machinery, as well as extensive experience in safeguarding and industrializing technologies. Together, we see great growth potential in the manufacture of electric motors and electric motor production facilities. The transition to electric mobility promises special opportunities from which all of our customers will benefit,” said Sadik Sadiku and Dieter Kleinschmidt, Managing Directors of Elmotec Statomat Holding GmbH.


The acquisition is to be completed during the first quarter of 2019 once all of the closing conditions have been submitted.