Forming and cutting machine for slot insulation, slot seperators and wedge strips.

This machine corresponds to the practical operation requirements and is designed for:

  • Automatic forming and cutting of the insulation
  • Preselection of the insulation length and batch quantity
  • Adjustment of the forming width by means of adapter

This proven compact machine fullfills the highest demands with regard to performance and operating convenience.


The automatic winding of coil groups for motors up to IEC frame size 335 places particular demands on the winding technique, wire guiding, control and flexibility of a coil winding machine.


The double former support is a focal point of the standard series which leads to a reduction of the standstill time of the machine during coil removal and is a decisive factor for the economical production of three-phase motors.


The single-part production and the small batch production of electric motors does exclude the use of fully-automatic coil inserting machines. Elmotec Statomat coil inserting machines series SEG/SEM, which have been especially developed and proven for this range of application, offer an economical solution to the problem.