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Business Area Automotive

Winding technology for automotive applications
Production concepts from ELMOTEC STATOMAT for the automotive industry are optimal for the economical series production of efficient stators:
  • Series-proven technologies
  • Demanding quality and safety requirements
  • Flexible concepts for high product variance
Electric drives in vehicles

Complex product diversity

In addition to the electric drive, it is not uncommon for a modern vehicle to have more than 40 electric motors. Servo drives for steering assistance, windshield wiper motors, electric seat adjustment, alternator, electric stabilization systems and anti-lock brakes are just a few relevant examples. The trend toward autonomous driving in particular offers further potential for integrated electric motors.

Servo Steering
Auxiliary drives
Twist-free Winding

With up to 30x parallel wires for highest efficiency and power density.

Wave Winding

Wave winding technology for round and flat wire windings.

Linear Winding

Segment coils for compact motors with high power density.


Quality management system according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our edge
Automotive applications

Typical applications in the automotive sector include highly dynamic drives for:

  • the servo steering
  • the alternator
  • and various auxiliary drives

With proven winding technology and innovative manufacturing solutions, we are a reliable industrialization partner for even the most demanding automotive applications.

We offer a wide range of manufacturing concepts for the individual process steps in the production of stators, always focusing on the most efficient and robust technologies.

Electromobility is the key to sustainable mobility worldwide.

ELMOTEC STATOMAT has been driving the development of electric motors for electric powertrains for many years.

Global and National
Our partners and Cooperations
ELMOTEC STATOMAT maintains a close cooperation with renowned suppliers and strong partners. These cooperations allow our systems to score with the most economical components for precision, quality and durability.