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Electromobility enables new mobility concepts

The steady trend toward urbanization makes the use of electric drives indispensable. This is the only way to limit emissions and enable sustainable mobility. At the same time, the use of highly efficient electric motors enables entirely new mobility and logistics concepts, such as air cabs and transport drones. Innovative manufacturing technologies are needed to realize these concepts. ELMOTEC STATOMAT’s winding technology makes a decisive contribution to this.

Winding technology for highest power density
The flat wire wave winding was specially developed for applications in electromobility. Due to the compact design and a high number of conductors in the slot, it is ideal for high-speed applications.
  • Compact design
  • High number of wire crossings without “special pins”
  • Fewer welding spots for higher process reliability
  • Especially suitable for stators with a high number of slots
Equipment solutions for different drive concepts

On the road to sustainable mobility, vehicle manufacturers relied on different electrification strategies.


Specializations in the field of e-mobility

Flat wire wave winding ready for series production
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Applications in the field of e-mobility

For typical applications in the field of e-mobility, from hybrid modules to e-axles or wheel hub motors, Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT offers the appropriate winding technology and customized industrialization solutions.

Electric Traction Motor
Wheel Hub Motor
Hybrid Modules
Innovative winding technology for the drives of the future

E-motors with highest efficiencies and compact design

The effective implementation of new mobility concepts requires mechatronic technologies at component and system level. Especially in the area of electrified powertrains, the limits of what is technically feasible are being pushed further and further. Electric traction motors with the highest efficiencies combined with compact design and minimal weight are presenting manufacturing technology with ever new challenges. The coil winding technology in particular has a significant influence on the final motor performance. A compact and precise winding design not only reduces the space required, it also ensures suitable inductance and consistent electrical resistance. With ever higher mechanical fill factors, faultless insulation of the winding is crucial. Only maximum precision in the manufacture and assembly of the winding can prevent damage and thus guarantee a long operating time.

With innovative solutions in the field of winding technology, Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT makes a significant contribution to the feasibility of highly efficient drive trains for e-mobility.

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