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Modular stand-alone machines

Stand-alone machines for semi-automated stator production

Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT offers a wide range of stand-alone machines for applications that require maximum flexibility rather than maximum automation. These machines are designed to be set up quickly and easily and to meet the highest safety standards. At the same time, we do not compromise on precision, quality and cost-effectiveness. Our stand-alone machines are modular in design so that they can be optimally combined to form a stator production line or to complement an existing production line.

Stand-alone machines are also ideal for manufacturing prototypes and testing new stator designs. Together with our customers, we realize individual solutions, from the machine to the tools to the software.

Slot insulation machines

Slot insulation machines from Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT are characterized by the highest reliability, precision, flexibility and speed. We have optimal solutions for different package heights of the same sheet metal cut and different slot shapes.

Insertion machines

The Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT insertion technology has been specially developed to achieve a maximum filling factor even in particularly narrow slots. It is also available with automatic package height adjustment, inserion force monitoring, and cuff support equipment.

Forming machines

Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT forming machines are characterized by an ideal combination of best forming results, with minimal wire damage. To make the forming process cycle time-neutral, our intermediate and final forming machines are also available as round table variants.

Lacing machines

Safety, quality and efficiency are the key features of Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT lacing machines. The winding heads are taped in a “diamond stitch” pattern. Both sides are processed simultaneously and fixed with a knot. A round table allows the operator to run two machines at the same time. The machine can also be optionally loaded directly from a conveyor belt.

Flyer winder

The advantage of flyer winders is the high winding speed of up to 4,000 rotations per minute. Flyer winders are optimal for high numbers of turns and few parallel wires.

Twist-free winders

Twist-free winders are used when the winding specification requires many parallel wires. Unlike the flyer winder, the wires do not cross each other, but are wound neatly next to each other. It is possible to work with significantly more parallel wires. The patented winding technology of Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT makes it possible to process up to 30 parallel wires. In this process, a precision layer winding is created, which enables optimum results during the insertion process.

Linear winder

The demand for ever higher slot fill factors, combined with compact design, is pushing conventional winding and insertion technology to its technical limits. More and more motor manufacturers have therefore started to directly wind individual stator teeth or coil carriers and subsequently join these segmented stators. Our coil winder produces a precision winding in which each wire is in a predefined position. This is the only way to achieve maximum fill factors.

Needle winder

The advantage of needle winding lies in the comparatively low winding heads. We also have various machines for this process in our product range. With its servo axes, the NWS winder is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. It is ideal for small to medium production quantities with a high number of variants. The HNW winder with its up to 2 spindles and 1,100 strokes per minute is designed for mass production. Optionally, a robot can perform the circuit connections.

Wave winding technology
Round wire and flat wire applications
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In addition to individual production, our comprehensive range of services and product portfolio also includes stand-alone machines that can be individually combined to form automatic production cells. We offer fully automated production lines especially for the requirements of series production. The manufacturing solutions from Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT combine many years of know-how in the field of winding technology with state-of-the-art automation technology.

highlight technology
Twist-free winding
  • Simultaneous processing of up to 30 parallel wires
  • Optimized fill factor of 84% in automated series application
  • Patented solution to create wire crossings in the winding heads
  • Reduction of current displacement losses (“proximity effect”)

The series-proven technology of twist-free winding is used when maximum efficiency is required, from traction motors in electromobility, to high-efficiency industrial applications.