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Winding Machines for the production of copper coils

The manufacture of the coil winding is an important process step in the production of stators or wound rotors. The quality and precision of the wound coils have a decisive influence on the efficiency and reliability of the electric motor.

For maximum efficiency, it is particularly important that the individual copper wires do not cross during the winding process and thus have a negative influence on the slot fill factor. In addition to achieving the highest possible fill factor, it is important that no wire damage is caused during the winding process. In the worst case, damage to the wire or wire insulation can lead to a short circuit and thus to failure of the electric motor.

By continuously developing winding technology and optimizing our winding machines, we ensure that our customers can produce even the most demanding motor designs and achieve their production goals.

Winding machines at a glance

Worth knowing about winding machines from Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT

With our individually scalable winding machines, we occupy a leading market position in the production of stators for the automotive and industrial sectors. Whether round wire or flat wire technology, we constantly try to set new standards with our winding technology. That is why we are particularly proud to realize filling degrees of up to 88% with our Twist-free winders, even with round wire feeding technology.

We achieve these outstanding values not only in our prototype laboratory, but we have already proven that we can also ensure these factors in stable series production lines. Of course, without having to accept losses in the longevity of tools or additional manual interventions in the process.

Flat wire wave winding for maximum filling ratios

Filling ratios above 90% can only be realized in practice with the use of flat profile wires. With our patented flat wire wave winding, we can already draw on over 10 years of experience in this innovative production technology. With more than 1,000 samples produced, from alternators to high-voltage applications in the heavy-duty sector, we have been able to continuously improve the processes and transfer them to series production processes.

Since 2021, the world’s first stator production line with flat wire wave winding, has been producing outstanding electric motors for an all-electric powertrain. This innovative winding technology offers completely new possibilities for implementing even more efficient drive concepts, which have so far failed due to their industrializability.

Maximum filling ratios for highest efficiency
Flat wire wave winding
  • Compact motor designs for highest power density
  • Patented “U-Shape” technology
  • Up to 10 wire jumps without the use of “special pins”
  • Elimination of critical manufacturing steps for maximum process reliability
  • Minimal number of welding spots

With the innovative flat wire wave winding technology we help our customers to realize even more efficient drive concepts and to set new benchmarks in the field of power density.

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