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Slot Insulation production process

Slot insulation machines from ELMOTEC STATOMAT

The wires used to make a coil winding are basically coated with a protective layer of lacquer that protects each individual conductor. In addition to the insulation of the individual conductors, insulation to the laminated core of the stator is required. In addition to electrical insulation, this so-called slot ground insulation also serves to mechanically protect the copper wire against sharp edges of the laminated core.

Production steps for slot insulation

Variantenflexibilität und Präzision

In distributed windings, special insulation papers are usually used to insulate the individual stator slots. Depending on the requirements for the dielectric strength of the winding, different forms of paper insulation are used (e.g. U-, O-, B- or S-shape).

The sophisticated machines from Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT for slot insulation ensure that the surface insulation materials are joined without damage and in the correct position for complete insulation of the stator slot.

The paper insulation is automatically inserted into all slots of the stator via a creasing, folding, inserting and separating process. Care must be taken to ensure precise adjustment of the protrusion of the paper on both flat surfaces of the stator in order to protect the wire from sharp edges of the stack of sheets when it is deposited on the one hand and also not to hinder it when it is deposited on the other. In the same way, it is important to maintain the folded shape of the insulation paper so as not to make it difficult to insert the copper wire winding.

Production Know-how

Further information on the subject of nut insulation

  • Insulation of different slot shapes
  • Insulation for round wire and flat wire applications
  • Maximum flexibility and output quantity
Slot insulation for small and large series

Motor designs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. Maximum system flexibility is necessary to insulate a wide variety of slot shapes. The slot insulation machines from ELMOTEC STATOMAT are designed so that they can be used for small series and large series.

In addition to the high speed of inserting the insulation paper into the stator slots, up to three sleeves per second, the highest quality is also important to enable economical production. Especially for small series applications, a large number of variants must be covered. For this purpose, the slot insulation machines from ELMOTEC STATOMAT have an empty cycle device for automatic adaptation to changed slot shapes.

Individual processes for your production success
  • Requirements analysis
  • “Design for Manufacturing”
  • Prototype production and proof of concept
  • Development of series process
  • Testing and optimisation

With our many years of experience, we develop individual processes with our customers. As an industrialisation partner, we provide support from “design for manufacturing”, through the development of the series process, to final testing and optimisation.

Other manufacturing process steps

The ideal interaction of all manufacturing processes is the prerequisite for the production of high-quality and durable stators. At Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT, we offer processes that are optimally tailored to the needs of our customers. From interlinked individual machines to turnkey solutions.

Innovations in winding technology make a decisive contribution to a sustainable future. Efficient drives ensure CO2 savings in operation and less raw material consumption in production.

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