Schaeffler Germany

norminated for the BEST OF INDUSTRY AWARD 2023

The Best Of Indusrty Award decides about innovation, viability and sustainability

This year, for the eighth time, the Best of Industry Award will honor those companies whose particularly innovative products place them at the absolute top of their industry. New developments and advances in a very wide range of industries, from mechanical engineering to artificial intelligence and medical technology, are considered. What is particularly convincing is that the evaluation depends solely on online voting, meaning that the jury comes from the industries themselves and is therefore best placed to judge which products are particularly innovative and future-proof.

With our unique and patented flat wire wave winding, Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT offers exactly the innovation that the award is looking for. Compared to conventional processes, our flat wire wave winding offers maximum efficiency and performance, allowing e-drives to be manufactured cost-effectively and to a high standard of quality. In recent years, our technology has not only enabled us to work with highly successful start-ups in the automotive sector, but our technology is also being used to manufacture state-of-the-art air cabs, so we are actively contributing to the sustainable electromobility of the future.

Our Highlight Technology
Flat wire wave winding
  • Continuous copper wire with complete elimination of spot welds, resulting in tremendous improvement in drive performance
  • Use of thin wires and thus more compact winding of the wires
  • Higher slot and data numbers allow higher design degrees of freedom, thus significantly reducing high-frequency losses and improving heat exchange in the motor

Our unique continuous hairpin process not only ensures efficiency gains in electric motor production through maximum reduction of material consumption, but also ensures the production of improved and more powerful motors compared to conventional processes.


As Schaeffler ELMOETC STATOMAT, we are actively contributing to the development of electric mobility of the future with our technology. We are not only focusing on the automotive sector, but have also achieved initial successes in the aviation sector and the development of prototypes for the production of air cabs. Our technologists are thus securing the sustainable future of electromobility.

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