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Slot insulation machines from Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT

The reliable insulation of stator windings with surface insulating materials is indispensable for the separation of electrical potentials (insulation of the winding against the stator laminations), for the effective dissipation of heat loss to protect against overheating as well as for the mechanical fixation of the windings (closure of the stator slot). The so-called slot ground insulation also serves to protect the winding wire from sharp edges of the laminated core.

Faulty insulation can lead to minimised performance, a shorter service life or, in the worst case, to short circuits and thus to motor failure. To increase the efficiency of the electric motor, it is crucial to increase the slot fill factor. For this reason, modern insulation materials are becoming thinner and thinner and therefore more susceptible to damage. The quality of the insulation is therefore an important factor in fully meeting the requirements of the electric motor in terms of efficiency, reliability and service life.

Series proven technologies

The sophisticated machines from Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT for slot insulation ensure that the surface insulation materials are joined without damage and in the correct position for complete insulation of the stator slot. Our solutions fulfil the production steps of cutting the insulation paper, forming and folding the insulation sleeves and inserting the sleeves into the slot. The slot insulation can be flexibly designed with or without a collar (protects against slipping of the surface insulation material during the winding and drawing-in process).

Our slot insulation machines are designed for both vertical and horizontal loading and are available as stand-alone machines with manual loading or as an integral part of a fully automated production line. Our standard range includes slot insulation machines for pack heights from 18 to 500mm. Other pack heights are available on request.

Interesting facts about insulation machines from ELMOTEC STATOMAT

This machine series is ideal for applications with different groove shapes.

Product features Nutisolation series EU
  • Automatic feeding of the surface insulating material from a supply roll
  • Prefabrication and shaping of the insulating sleeves
  • Folding of the collars / double collars
  • Insertion of the insulating sleeves into the stator slot (up to 3 sleeves per second)
  • Empty-cycle device for stators with several groove shapes
  • Adhesive tape feed for reinforcing the collars
  • Optional: Automatic stator loading and unloading

This machine type is specially developed to cover a maximum variety of variants and is suitable for the isolation of prototypes up to fully automatic large-scale production.

Product properties Slot insulation SIM series
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Innovative winding technology for the production of compact electric motors with maximum efficiency is a decisive building block for sustainable drive solutions in industry and e-mobility. With sophisticated automation solutions, these drives can already be realised today.

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