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Lacing machines from ELMOTEC STATOMAT

Lacing machines for round wire insertion technology

With the classic insertion technique, part of the winding, the so-called winding head, remains outside the groove. This cannot be avoided from a manufacturing point of view. The winding head is compressed in the course of winding processing and then firmly fixed with a cord or thread on both stator sides (interconnection side & non-interconnection side).

Lacing is necessary to prevent the wound coils from coming into contact with the rotor and to ensure that there is no interference in the downstream processes. By minimising cavities, the outer dimensions of the stator are also fixed and optimum heat dissipation is made possible.

With its many years of expertise in round wire insertion technology, Schaeffler ELMOTEC STATOMAT offers a sophisticated solution for lacing stator winding heads. The lacing machines are designed in such a way that they can be changed over as quickly as possible to a new package height and a new sheet metal cut. In addition, the lacing machine can introduce loops into the lacing. Stators can be hooked directly onto these loops and transported to further process steps. This option keeps the winding protected from contamination and no additional workpiece carriers are required.

Interesting facts about ELMOTEC STATOMAT taping machines

The lacing machine type BK is available as a stand-alone machine and as part of a fully automated production line.

Lacing machine TYPE BK

  • Simultaneous, double-sided lacing of stator winding heads
  • 2-station 180-degree index rotary table with one work station & one loading/unloading station
  • Lacing with the “diamond stitch
  • Lacing speed freely programmable
  • Number of stator slots freely programmable
  • Number of stitches freely programmable (single, double, multiple per slot)
  • Programmable adjustment of pack height and stator inner diameter
  • Automatic package height control
  • Automatic lacing cycle
  • Automatic double-sided knotting and fusing of the lacing cord including trimming and suction of the thread ends
  • Sensor for lacing cord supply end
  • Optional: Automatic loading and unloading device
  • Optional: Workpiece infeed and outfeed system
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