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Needle Winders from ELMOTEC STATOMAT

Needle winding technology for externally and internally grooved stators

Needle winders are mainly used in applications where accessibility to the slot or winding space is very limited. Typical applications are internally slotted solid sheet stators and externally slotted solid sheet rotors.

Highlights of needle winding technology
  • Up to 4 winding spindles
  • Precision winder of the NWS series up to 500 strokes/min
  • High-speed winder of the HNW series up to 1,000 strokes/min
  • Wire diameter 0.2 – 1.8 mm
  • Production of interconnections with a robot
Flexibility and speed

In these cases, other winding technologies reach their technical limits. Due to the high flexibility of a needle winder, both distributed and concentrated wire windings can be produced on one machine. Due to a low effort during set-up, the process is particularly suitable for the production of stators with a high variety of types.

High degree of automation

In addition to the high flexibility of needle winding technology, further advantages are the very simple automation of the winding process and the subsequent interconnection of the wires. In the production of coils with needle winding technology, the components to be wound are usually firmly clamped. To produce the coils, a needle with a nozzle travels along the component and lays the wire at the desired position. With this process, therefore, only limited numbers of turns per minute can be realised compared to other winding processes, such as flyer winding.

With a needle winder, stators and rotors can be produced with a comparatively low winding head. This is particularly advantageous if the highest possible filling factor is to be achieved with low stator sheet heights.

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The portfolio of winding machines includes flyer winding, twist free winding, wave winding, linear winding and needle winding. We decide which winding machine is best suited based on individual customer requirements.

Innovations in winding technology make a decisive contribution to a sustainable future. Efficient drives ensure CO2 savings in operation and less raw material consumption in production.

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