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Flyer Winders from ELMOTEC STATOMAT

Flyer winder for flexible and economical series production

In flyer winding, the transfer tool is firmly clamped. The wire coils are automatically wound onto the winding template with the help of a rotating winding arm, the so-called flyer, in a rotating movement and then slid off into a transfer tool. Once all phases have been wound, the prepared winding is pulled into the stator with the help of a pull-in tool.

Highlights of the Flyer winders from ELMOTEC STATOMAT
  • Wire brake and monitoring for residual wire and wire breakage
  • Integrated wire run monitoring
  • Windings with and without connection links
  • Different lengths of wire ends can be realised
  • Optional for bifilar windings ( twin wire)

Flyer winders are an ideal solution for the flexible and economical production of high quantities. The flyer winders from ELMOTEC STATOMAT are therefore available as single or multiple spindle winders. Furthermore, they are a central component of automated winding and insertion centres.

Maximum winding speed for a high number of turns

The advantage of the flyer winder is the high winding speed of up to 4,000 revolutions per minute. Flyer winders are optimal for high numbers of turns and few parallel wires.

The flyer winder is a proven winding technique for maximum efficiency and guaranteed quality.

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Things to know about the flyer winder from ELMOTEC STATOMAT

Ideal for high number of turns with small wire diameter

Flyer winder for geared motors

The high flexibility of the flyer winding technology allows it to be used exactly where individual designs are in the foreground. As a stand-alone machine or integrated into a production line. Flyer winders are suitable for small and large batch sizes.

  • Maximum flexibility with small batch sizes
  • Automatic pattern adjustment
  • Rotary table for several transfer tools
Flyer winder for refrigeration compressors

The proven flyer winding technology is ideal for the economical production of cooling compressors in large quantities. A high output quantity without compromising the quality of the winding are the central quality features.

  • Up to 4000 rpm for economical production
  • Winding with connection links
  • Continuous wire monitoring
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The portfolio of winding machines includes flyer winding, pattern winding, wave winding, linear winding and needle winding. We decide which winding machine is most suitable based on individual customer requirements.

Linear winding technology can be used to produce compact windings. With maximum precision and automation, this technology is ideal for manufacturing electric motors with the highest power density.

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