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Twist free Winders from ELMOTEC STATOMAT

Twist free Winders for maximum efficiency

The increasingly stringent specifications with regard to energy efficiency lead to higher demands on motor design and motor control. To realise the demanding designs, efficient processes in the production of the stators are crucial. Coil winding technology plays a central role here. A winding design that is as compact as possible is the decisive factor in achieving the power density and the specified installation space.

Highlights for twist free winding
  •  up to 30 parallel wires
  • With or without coil connections
  • Optimised copper fill factor
  • Crossings can be realised in the winding head
  • Compact and resource-saving winding
Twist free winding with up to 30 parallel wires

Twist free winders are used wherever the winding specification requires many parallel wires. Unlike the flyer winder, the wires do not cross each other, but are wound neatly next to each other. It is possible to work with significantly more parallel wires.

The winders of the TFW series make it possible to process up to 30 parallel wires. Here, a precision layer winding is created, which enables optimum results when inserting. In combination with the patented ELMOTEC STATOMAT insertion system, the fill factor to be achieved is maximised.

Twist free winding is ideal for applications where maximum efficiency is important.

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Interesting facts about the ELMOTEC STATOMAT Twist free Winders

Optimised fill factor, also in series

Twist free winders for electric drives

With the twist free production of copper coils, highly efficient drives can also be realised with the use of traditional round wire. These are used as the main drive in an E-axis or as a flexibly switchable all-wheel drive.

  • Fill factor up to 88%
  • Twists in the winding head to reduce losses
  • Use of traditional round wire
Twist free winders for industrial applications

Due to the ever more stringent efficiency requirements, the demands on the production technology are also increasing. Traditional winding technologies reach their technological or economic limits when it comes to achieving the highest fill factors. By using twist free windings, high copper fill factors can be produced economically even with a high number of turns.

  • Up to 30 parallel wires
  • High number of windings possible
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The portfolio of winding machines includes flyer winding, twist free winding, wave winding, linear winding and needle winding. We decide which winding machine is most suitable based on individual customer requirements.

Innovative winding technology for the production of compact electric motors with maximum efficiency is a decisive building block for sustainable drive solutions in industry and e-mobility. With sophisticated automation solutions, these drives can already be realised today.

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